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Welcome to Lekememes – Memes and funny pics from South Africa. We thank you for visiting our website and hope to see you here again soon



A few things regarding LekeMemes. We are a content sharing website that cater for South Africans, this does not necessarily mean we only accept memes and funny pics that relate directly to South Africa but we welcome rather content that all South Africans will enjoy. LekeMemes is a relatively new site with a small community, please feel free to join and submit your own content and/or comment on existing posts.

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  1. Have fun and share with your friends if you think they will enjoy our content as well
  2. DO NOT post content that will cause discrimination of which people will take offence (racism etc.)
  3. DO NOT post content of a pornographic nature or memes that contain nudity
  4. DO NOT post content containing explicit material such as horrible injury etc.
  5. DO NOT “attack” individuals in the comment section
  6. We have a thumbs up/down system in place, if you dislike some content use the system. Not need to bash on someone in the comment section
  7. We have a moderator which will scrutinize content to ensure no violation of our rules. If a user is found guilty of such offence, he/she will be banned and unable to use our facilities


In the current state of affairs in South Africa we at LekeMemes decided we need to introduce some positivity in our wonderful country, thus our website was launched on 21st July 2017. Thus as the site is new, it will go through a few changes and such to always improve user experience and the presentation of our website, kindly bear with us during this process.